Happy Fall AU!

As Finals Week is quickly approaching, here are some helpful tips to stay healthy, active, and prepared for finals week:

Staying Healthy

Finals Week is notoriously one of the most stressful weeks for college students; however continuous stress over an extended Stress-and-Immune-Systemperiod of time can have detrimental effects on your body, and specifically your immune system. If experienced in moderation, stress can be beneficial to your health and help you cope with troubling situations. On the other hand, regular exposure to stress can take a toll on your body and overall health.

Also, make sure you are getting around 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This will help you retain more information and assure that Turkeysleepyou’re ready and alert for your finals. Chronic sleep deprivation can also contribute to high blood pressure, risk for diabetes, as well as mood changes – so make sure you catch those zzzzzz’s!




Staying Active

Stop by Jacob’s and Cassell Fitness Centers and check out our Group Exercise classes! During Finals Week (December 8th-14th), Group Exercise classes are FREE!


Exercise can help relieve some of your Finals Week stress through activating your endorphins (making you feel happy!) as well as improving your focus and concentration.


So come on by and dance off your stress in Zumba, punch out your frustration in Kickboxing, or relax in Yoga!





Be Prepared

Say this 10 times fast: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

ChecklistWhile you’re gearing up for finals make sure to plan ahead for the inevitable! You can create your own study guide, organizing a group study session, and quiz yourself with flashcards.

Also, be sure to prioritize your time efficiently. Take breaks when you need them, and stay well-rested and well-hydrated. You might also realize that some exams will be more difficult than others – so make sure to evaluate the style and rigor of your exams and prioritize your study time accordingly!


-Julia Snegg, Wellness Ambassador